About us

Eurostrade Company

The Eurostrade Company was set up in 2005, as a joint-stock company and has 100% private capital. Our mission is to offer qualitative products and services at a local level, in order to achieve success at a national level.
We are aware of our business partners’ value and we work very hard for the success of both parties. We want to establish long term relationships with our clients, based on integrity and responsibility. The client’s demands will be respected and we offer efficient solutions, on time and at the most convenient price, because the success of the company depends only on our the clients’ success.

Production base

The company develops its activity in Frasin. The location is endowed with rail-way road, natural gas, electricity, E 576 high way access, its own motor fuel station, production departments of 6000 m2 surface.


For carrying out the policy and general objective, the organization has integrated a high quality management system, according to the SR EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 standards.


1. The continuous instruction of the personnel in the professional domain and its involvement in the quality improvement;
2. The growth of the number of the equipments specialized in constructions;
3. The development of the activity domain through the contracting civil constructions, this situation being generated by our company capacity which has all the logistics ( transport and excavation equipments, earthwork and stabilization, qualified and experienced personnel) and the necessary row material (reinforced iron and concrete, ballast, sand and brands, wood-work section and metallic confections).
4. The quality services improvement and reduction of the execution time by using performant equipment and qualified personnel.

Carried out Investment

– In 2006 Transport dumpers and construction equipment;
– In 2007 Iron shaping line that has a capacity of 500 t/mounth, and construction equipments;
– In 2008 Sorting crushing station of the pit ballast products;
– In 2008 Concrete Station;