We are aware of our business partners’ value and we work very hard for the success of both parties. We want to establish long term relationships with our clients, based on integrity and responsibility. The client’s demands will be respected and we offer efficient solutions, on time and at the most convenient price, because the success of the company depends only on our the clients’ success.

Construction works

  • Civil and industrial
  • Roads and concrete or wood bridges
  • Industrial platforms
  • Suporting walls, river bank consolidation

Eurostrade also offers performing plants and equipments for excavation and transport works.
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Ferroconcrete processing

  • Cutting and shaping
  • Rings production
  • Armature assembly
  • Metallic confections

Automatic line for the production of rings and two head shaped bars. Ferroconcrete processing from bars and coils: 6 mm – 40 mm
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Sorts and sands

  • Washed
  • Natural (0-4, 4-8, 8-16, 16-31)
  • Crushed (0-4, 4-8, 8-16, 16-25)
  • Chain toggle (70 – 250)

The production capacity of the station is of 120 m3/h, with the possibility of obtaining sorts and aggregates for various asphalt mixtures, mortars and concrete.
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  • B100 – B400
  • Mortars
  • Production
  • Transport

The company produces concrete, capping and mortars. Also, it offers testing services for the delivered products, transport and concrete pumping.
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Rock Mining

  • Rock embankments 50-250 kg
  • Ground rock for road foundations 0-63mm , 40-100mm
  • Gabion rock 5-40 kg

Magmatic rock – diorite, according to the determination results,the rock is classified with A class, and fulfills the accepting conditions established by the reference standard.
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Concrete Prefabs

  • Prefabs for masonry

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