Construction works

Respecting the quality standards in the domain, we are capable of putting into practice the most pretentious projects. The works are executed with precision and with rapidity by competent and experienced teams.

Wooden bridges

  • Width: 6-18 m, Length: 10 m
  • Capacity 30 t

Concrete bridges

  • Length 6-75 m, Width: 10 m
  • Prefab bridges C2 ,P2 and L

Other works

  • Forest roads
  • Embankments, protections against flooding
  • Damming, rehabilitation works
  • Cutting and river beds regulation
  • River banks consolidations, restorations
  • Excavations, special foundations
  • Concrete platforms, resistance structures


  • Transport facilities
  • Projection, expert opinions
  • Technical assistance and consulting/span>

Concreete and grubble roads

  • Concreete roads
  • Grubble roads

River beds regulation

  • Embankments, protections against flooding
  • Concrete and stone consolidation walls

Civil and industrial constructions

  • Civil and industrial constructions
  • Engineering constructions