The ferroconcrete processing

All the ferroconcrete products are accompanied at each transport by Inspection Certifications and Conformity Declarations.

For each transport there are prevailed evidences of every type of ferroconcrete. the verification of the ferroconcrete quality is in the breaking force, tearing resistance, breaking stretching, etc, according to STAS 438-1/89. For each inspection of the evidences, it is issued a Testing bulletin. The method used is according to STAS 6605-78.

The discharge and storage the ferroconcrete is mechanized. The storage takes place in covered areas (warehouses), away from humidity, in order to keep intact the quality of the ferroconcrete, as it was supplied by the producer.

Our OB and PC product ex.: rings, two head shaped bars is unique because of the cutting and ring producing equipments SIZE 16 and CONCEPT 91, and have a bigger profitability and efficiency, and regarding the quality the products they fulfill the quality conditions and norms of the European standards.

The beneficiaries of our ferroconcrete processing have more advantages, of which we mention:

  • Keeping the quality and characteristics of the ferroconcrete, they remain the same ones that are certificated by the producer;
  • High precision pieces;
  • Reducing the working time affected to one work;
  • Reducing losses with almost 100%;
  • Qualified personnel for assembling;
  • Reducing the production costs;
  • High precision